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About us - History & Background:

Originally registered as a company limited by share in October 2005, Lifeline Options has just completed conversion to the status of Community Interest Company. In reality we have always had a community interest in the marketing and promotion of refugees in the West Midlands area and we have incorporated other migrants into this interest over the years. We currently operate mainly through refugee trainees, social work students and human rights graduates from Italy.

In 2005, we inherited client files from the defunct Midlands Refugee Council and we joined the EQUAL Progress GB partnership under European funding, using the label of one of our former refugee clients who had successfully started up in business. Our programme, which concluded in 2007, was known as the "Programme for Refugee Enterprise Service Specialisation". Progress GB was led by the National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (NIACE), which, based in Leicester, is the leading NGO in its field. We were commended as an effective and imaginative user of peer mentoring to achieve the targeted outcomes.

In the last two years, we have been both a host and an intermediary for "Leonardo Da Vinci" European graduate programmes in the sphere of (employment) mobility. We host Italian human rights graduates from Padua University and we are an intermediary for Italian labour market mobility seekers from Sicily and Tuscany. We have also become established as a practice placement for Social Work Degree students from the local universities

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2010 Lifeline Options CIC. Company Registration No. 05610834.
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